Alisha Golden


Alisha has a deep affinity for connecting aligned organizations and people to reach maximum social impact throughout the world. Living by the mantra- "Better together," her calling to build Growth City seemed inevitable. Previously, through her consultancy company. Do Something Epic, Alisha’s experience working with organizations in the United States, The Netherlands, and Switzerland has afforded her a keen understanding of infrastructural necessities and innovative methods for cross continental and collaborative gain. Though her favorite of all of her roles is being on the grant-making team for The Pollination Project, an organization that gives seed grants of $1,000 daily for global grassroots initiatives. Her most notable roles include Director of Communications for The Toolbox; A Peter Gabriel founded organization bridging the gap between the data sector, tech and consumer interest through media and storytelling. A role that lead her to work alongside organizations such as The UN, The World Econcomic Forum, The Social Good Summit, Global Sisterhood Day, Mashable, Origin magazine, INC., Devex, and Fox News. She also lead the U.S. surge of a Swiss based Tech platform TIMEREPUBLIK. Alisha’s role as chief strategic advisor for the time-banking platform encompassed sealing major partnership alliances with top tech companies which ultimately lead to greater global expansion of the brand from being in to 10 countries to reaching people in 55 countries around the world. Alisha is a firm believer in community and prides herself as being an active member of organizations such as Breakout, Dreamers//Doers, 3W Circle, and board member of the Independent Awakening Foundation and  Global GRIT Academy.

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