Amanda Berkowitz


Amanda started her career at Atlantic Records, where she rose from A&R Coordinator to A&R Manager while working with Grammy-nominated artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Lupe Fiasco, Sean Paul, and Jaheim. Driven by a passion for discovering new talent, and powered by innovation, Amanda began creating opportunities for talent to forge diverse careers in entertainment by building relationships with other forms of media. The concept being to reduce the need for artists to rely solely on standard music industry models. In support of this idea she co-created CROOKED ENGINE, a company designed to put forth ideas that change the way music relates to advertising and brands. While Crooked Engine was proving its model and gaining a reputation Amanda joined the staff at EPIC/VESTED IN CULTURE Records where for two years she worked under LA Reid and Sylvia Rhone. While there she was responsible for signing Latin singer-songwriter Kat Dahlia and Swedish pop artist Paul Rey. As a rebellious and innovative thinker she continues working on her passion to help artists and colleagues build their brands in entertainment media.

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